Wednesday, September 30, 2015

More Love, Deeper Love

There is one thing that we all desire from the world around us. We desire love that never fails us. We desire love that will never leave us. We want love that will always be avaolable. Honestly, humans can never give that unfailing love. We think we can, but how often have we held grudges? How often do we left unforgiveness rule our hearts?

Until recently,I thought I had forgiven someone for the hurt he placed in my life from a very young age. I discovered that I still help unforgiveness within my heart. I did not completely forgive him, and it was hurting me more than it perhaps was him. I discovered this within myself just a couple of weeks before Confluence, which was this past weekend. God showered me with His love, grace, mercy, and devotion this weekend. With this, I found the deep hole within my heart that was keeping me from moving closer to Him. God filed that hole this weekend with a love that will never disappear. We as Christians have to acknowledge the hurt from the past. Although God has healed it, if we do not realize it is there, we can not notice the healing.

This weekend we heard testimony from another student who went on missions this summer. She was told by someone that they knew she was Christian because she was nice. I want to emit love and kidness to all I come in contact with so that others may see His love within me. I want to live a life where God is at the focus so that my heart follows Him. 

With all of this comes the theme of Awakening. The theme of Confluence was Awakening. We as Christians have to awaken from the day to day life we have become accustomed to living.
We must awaken love.
We must awaken forgiveness.
We must awaken our hearts to Him.
Once we awaken, we will see His calling. We will see how Awesome Jesus is. Jesus did numerous things that called many to awaken from the day to day life they lived. We must do the same. He called men to leave their father's. He healed those who weren't wanted by their communities. He ate with the unclean. He did things that made people think He was insane.

When was the last time that our faith was so radically different in love, mercy, forgiveness, kindness, and habit that someone thought we were crazy about God?

When was the last time we looked at the things Jesus has done and been amazed? Jesus healed a man in Mark and told him to tell no one, but the man told everyone because he had to. We are told to spread the name of Jesus to all corners of earth and we cannot seem to do so. What is wrong with that picture? When we look deeper for Jesus and God through our lives and The Word, we find more love and deeper love than can be imagined.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Have you ever looked at your shadow when the Sun places it in front of you look?
Have you ever noticed how tall it makes you?
Have you noticed how it makes you looked stretched?
How often do you think about if that is how people admire you?
How busy are you?
Do you ever wonder how you accomplish the things you do?

I wonder often times how I do everything that I do. And I know it is not just me. It is God working through me to achieve things for His glory. That is how we stretch into the shadows of who we are.

I suppose our shadows are just like the imprint and impression we leave on those around us. The shadow reaches them because of the light emitted from us. There is a light wmitted from each person. Some people say there are auras, and I believe it. I believe the things we do without thinking are the things that really show who we are as well.

I believe that we have to remember we are full of goodness. There is hurt and darkness within each of us, but more often than not, the light overwhelms the darkness. There is too much goodness in this world to keep focused on the negativity.

So next time you are walking, look to your shadow. Look and see how tall you really are. Think about what you can accomplish when you just do it rather than analyze.

And I will leave you with something else that came to me...

Often times we think of shadows as dark things, but for there to be shadow, there must be light.