Thursday, March 22, 2012


I kind of needed the reality check I got recently. God gave me a reality check and sort of put me in my place. I needed it. I wasn't listening for Him. I wasn't listening for my Father to tell me things were time. I took control of stuff in my life. I wish i would have listened before because I would not have been forced to ride the roller coaster that I put myself on these last fw weeks. I have been trying to be the person on top of everything and I was tring to be the person that kept up with everything all on my own. Except, I forgot... I kind of can't do anything all by myself.
During the month oF February, I kind of tried to take the reigns because I was so busy trying to do me and I kept saying that too, but I shouldn't be doing me. I need to be doing God. God is the reason I am here after all! If I did not have Him, I would not be at this place in my life wheere I am choosing the classes for my sophomore year of college. I would not have the oppotrtunity that I get on a weekly basis to worship with these amazing students at Wesley Foundation.
These students are really amazing because they just freely worship Him. I am so blessed to be influenced by them and the worship they provide. I do feel like this is the place in which I will prosper and blossom! I feel like God is moving here. I know He is. I know He is working miracles in this place because He is doing it in me. I go in there and His Word and Spirit reach me. His light shines through Wesley and I am so blesssed to be a part of that.I find these amazing girls here who just amaze me. They are all so amazing. These girls have something else about them. God brings us all here to Wesleyan for this amazing purpose. There is intelligence, beauty, talent, and kindness. There is all that and so much more. I cannot express the blessings I have recieved here.So God, thank You for the reality check. Thank You for putting me in my place. Thank you, whoever is reading this.This is the configuration of a golden heart!