Saturday, October 22, 2011

Well, my first.

I suppose it is almost instinctive that my blogging would start with this new era of a life. I have changed my life around from who I was less than a year ago. I am a first year college student, with a blossoming relationship, and amazing friends. I cannot believe how far I have come.
School is awesome. College has become my entire life, but I have no issues with that. I am happy and excited here. I am enthralled by all that is the Wesleyan sisterhood. I have met people I know I will never forget. I have met people here who showed me their true colors. I just cannot think of another college I would rather attend though.
This relationship however new it is, I have my past with him. We have an ugly past because of my insecurities. I wish I could say it was not my fault, but it was. But, we're going to try and make this work again. I think we can. I am older, more maure, more me. I am excited. He has made me smile more in the past week, than others have been able to in months. It is awesome. I cannot describe the feelings that seem to overwhelm my being.He knows me still. He knows those little words that make me blush. He knows those little words that make me smile. He is mine and I am his. He doesn't let me forget it... :)
MY FRIENDS are perfect. I have met amazing women here. I have met strong, beautiful, and fabulous women here who just make my life awesome. I have learned more about myself through them. I have learned more about people through them. I have learned how to not just automatically trust people because I have the instinctive want to just trust everyone and at the same time trust no one. I know it is complicated, but it is me.
And that is the Configuration of a Golden Heart.