Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Have you ever looked at your shadow when the Sun places it in front of you look?
Have you ever noticed how tall it makes you?
Have you noticed how it makes you looked stretched?
How often do you think about if that is how people admire you?
How busy are you?
Do you ever wonder how you accomplish the things you do?

I wonder often times how I do everything that I do. And I know it is not just me. It is God working through me to achieve things for His glory. That is how we stretch into the shadows of who we are.

I suppose our shadows are just like the imprint and impression we leave on those around us. The shadow reaches them because of the light emitted from us. There is a light wmitted from each person. Some people say there are auras, and I believe it. I believe the things we do without thinking are the things that really show who we are as well.

I believe that we have to remember we are full of goodness. There is hurt and darkness within each of us, but more often than not, the light overwhelms the darkness. There is too much goodness in this world to keep focused on the negativity.

So next time you are walking, look to your shadow. Look and see how tall you really are. Think about what you can accomplish when you just do it rather than analyze.

And I will leave you with something else that came to me...

Often times we think of shadows as dark things, but for there to be shadow, there must be light.

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