Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Some Know

Some people know about my plans for the next couple of years. I have been through a lot this year, but things are going to get a little crazier in the next year. I am working towards something huge. I have been trying to get this taken care of since summer after freshman year. May 7th of that year actually.

I am planning on getting weight loss surgery. I have not been so ready for something in my life. (Other than possibly getting to Wesleyan.) I am working hard on this because I have worked all my life to get rid of weight that has been there.

I have Hypothyroidism. It is where your metabolism is extremely slow, and you have to be on medicine for it. If I am not on my medicine, I gain extreme amounts of weight. It is so easy for me to gain and difficult to lose it. I am not a couch potato typically. I get out. I go out and do things when possible. Anyone who knows me, knows this. I finally have healthcare that allows for my medicine to be regular, and I am in touch to get surgery in Atlanta through my insurance.

I am not taking this route to be easier by any means, but it will be the jump start I need. I need this to reach the goals I want. I am struggling now because my weight has been an issue since almost immediately after birth. I am looking for my life to improve with this choice. I also understand that right after the surgery that I will struggle a little then as well.

I hope you all as my friends will support me. I know that you will and I consider you all great friends and amazing supporters. So thank you in advance.

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